ABOUT US                                                   


Kris, left. Tia, right. Hi! 

With a shared enthusiasm for the craft beer scene in Portland, we met while working at Natian Brewery. When Natian announced that they would no longer keep brewing we were naturally curious what would become of the taproom. After many years working in the restaurant + beer industry, we felt it was time to open up our own taproom and share some of our favorite breweries with y'all. 


After many years of being employees and regulars of Natian Brewery, we were ecstatic to see it become our own. We were fortunate to have the support of the former owner, Ian McGuinness. We closed down for two short weeks for renovations to bring a bright, brand new taproom to the SE Buckman Neighborhood.  

Neighbors will focus on local beer + wine, with the addition of coffee, non-alcoholic options, and snacks from local vendors.


We will collaborate with local + plant-based food vendors, showcase local artists, have community involvement, and offer our space for events. 


Neighbors is a space where you can watch sports, host a book club, listen to amazing music, meet with friends, or return on your own.


We aim to make sustainable choices wherever possible. Prices at Neighbors will be fair and affordable. We will choose local products and brands that we stand by and build strong relationships with vendors.


Neighbors will offer seasonal, rotating beer + wine selections, kombucha, coffee, espresso, and many non-alcoholic options. 


With expanded hours and coffee in the mornings, Neighbors will be able to reach further than just beer lovers and create a space where people come to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.